London Schools’ Data Dashboard

school map

I am pleased to announce the launch of the updated London Schools’ Data Dashboard, developed by Continuum and funded by UCL.

Please find the link here: it will open in a new window.

The last dashboard was used by many institutions to help outreach teams target particular schools and cohorts for their outreach work. The feedback that we have received from colleagues has been very good, and we  had over 1,300 individual visitors to the old dashboard. The new dashboard is an excellent resource that brings together complicated contextual data for each school and simplifies it so that those who are not data scientists themselves can see an overview of each school, and print out a one page .pdf with all the information they need.

For the updated dashboard we have based the maps on the new POLAR4 areas and used the following contextual data assigned to each school/college under investigation:

  • Type of school
  • School address and other contact details including phone number and webpage
  • Gender of learners
  • Numbers of learners broken down by gender
  • Free School Meal data
  • POLAR3 profile based on HEFCE participation data
  • KS4 achievement data, including vocational equivalents (where applicable)
  • KS5 achievement data, including vocational equivalents (where applicable)
  • Ethnicity data
  • English as a second language data
  • IMD data

school eg

The dashboard has been built with all state funded secondary schools, academies and colleges (including sixth form colleges) in London.

Please feel free to use this resource and share widely with colleagues.


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