JISC Students FIRST service design video

Students FIRST

Students FIRST is a JISC funded project, which is a partnership between the University of East London, Anglia Ruskin University, AMOSSHE the National Student Services Organisation, John Smith’s bookshops, Modus and txtools. This innovative partnership – a mix of higher education institutions, a national sector body and private commercial providers, is coming together to examine the impact of the way in which student bursaries are delivered at UEL and ARU, via the “aspire” bursary card. These cards are loaded with the student’s bursary which they can then spend on textbooks and other items at John Smiths or for other university related spend such as student accommodation, travel, field trips, and specialist equipment.

Through the project we have undertaken a service design exercise at both HEIs, which maps out the student’s journey through the bursary delivery, with the aim of improving the service. These service designs have been very useful for student service teams at the respective institutions, in breaking down the student journey through the service delivery, and identifying “fail points” and  “areas of excessive wait” so that the student services teams have been able to tweak their delivery ensuring an even better student experience.

We have also produced a short film about the service design, which can be found on Continuum’s youtube channel – here’s the link.

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