Project Update – JISC StudentsFIRST

At Continuum, we are currently working on a very interesting piece of work – the JISC funded StudentsFIRST project. This project involves a wide range of partners, who have come together from education, and the private sector to look at the potential links between student progression in HE and the amount students spend on books (in the context of bursary provision). We at UEL are happily working with our other partners: AMOSHEE, Anglia Ruskin University, and John Smith’s booksellers who are key in delivering the bursary on-campus through the Aspire bursary card scheme.

We have just this week begun the enormous task of analysing the sales data to find any correlations between the amount spent on books, and successful progression.

If you are interested in the findings of the project, do feel free to check back for updates, or get in touch with us.

JISC also host a blog for all the projects funded in this strand – the Student Progression, Retention and Non-completion strand, which can be found here.

Back to those Excel spreadsheets!

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